Darting Atmospheres

“Sound is ubiquitous, unstoppable, immersive, the agency through which
spoken language is understood and music is absorbed. Sound works
quietly with other senses to scan an environment, define orientation and
to register the feeling that we describe as atmosphere.”

(David Toop, 2015)

What is it about being beneath the soaring roof of a railway station?

We do not often register or think about the various senses that contribute to our impression of a place. In particular, we are seldom aware of how much we hear In this study we propose a discussion on the aural reality of space in the city, in particular its impact on our shared environments. We will present this through an introduction to sound and the soundscape and set the field context for our sonic survey of train stations in Dublin City centre. Our findings in this study argue that spatial experiences are enriched and reinforced by the acoustic soundscape.

Because the boundaries of the sonic and the visual are rarely identical, we have been trying to overlap the pattern of a moving traveller with the sounds heard and spaces experienced to convey the relation between the two.

Our intention is to create a kind of noisy, psychogeographic map that aspired to demonstrate a layered and multiple understanding of place. So far we documented the sounds and have begun to investigate the media required to present a soundscape for discussion.

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